Recover from a VestaCP backup

It may be useful when transferring a user from one server to another server.

Download the backup to the folder /backup/ and use the console command v-restore-user.

For example, we want to transfer the user USER1 to a new server where this account has not yet been created.

1) copy the archive USER1.2017-05-03_05-18-34.tar to the folder /backup

scp /backup/USER1.2017-05-03_05-18-34.tar new-server:/backup/

2) run the v-restore-user command

v-restore-user USER1 USER1.2017-05-03_05-18-34.tar

If it gives an error – write the full path to the file:

/usr/local/vesta/bin/v-restore-user USER1 USER1.2017-05-03_05-18-34.tar

Attention! You do not need to pre-create a user – it will be created automatically. All files, databases, dns-records and mail domains with mailboxes will be transferred.

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