Life without Google. What to replace Google?

Google Trackers were found on 75% of sites with a million rating. This means that they not only track what you are looking for, they also track which sites you visit and use all of your data for advertising that monitors you all over the Internet.

Your personal data can also be summoned to court by lawyers, including civil cases such as divorce. Only in 2016, Google responded to more than 100 000 such data requests!

More and more people Are aware of the risk of using the service by one company. If you join the ranks of people who have decided that Google data collection has become too invasive, here are a few suggestions for replacements with minimal switching costs. Most of them are free, although even paid are worth it-the cost of abandoning the transition-is the price of your personal privacy, and the good news is that we have a choice!

Life without Google-it’s real! Take Google out of your life and in this article you will learn how to replace important services without which we no longer represent life.

Google Search -> DuckDuckGo (free) Let’s
start with the simplest! Switching to DuckDuckGo not only makes your searches private but also gives you additional benefits such as our keyboard shortcuts, convenient instant answers and the knowledge that you are not trapped in the filter.

Gmail, Calendar and Contacts -> (free) Su
pports contacts, there is a calendar. You can synchronize between devices.

YouTube -> Rutube
For videos that are only on YouTube (unfortunately a lot), you can search and watch them on DuckDuckGo for better protection of privacy through YouTube “YouTube-nocookie” domain. However, if you create and post videos yourself, Rutube is the most famous alternative for authors.

Google Maps -> OpenStreetMap (free)
To get more support for devices, check out the OpenStreetMap (OSM), which is more open, although it may not have the same usability or quality coverage as Apple Maps.

Google Drive -> Yandex. Disk (free, with paid options)
Software is available for a wide range of platforms and devices, including servers.

Android. Unfortunately there is almost nothing to Replace it, so it is recommended to disable Google Services. With disconnected, no information will be flowed from your device. The Truth on some devices will have to tinker with the disconnection, but this is a topic for a separate article.

Google Chrome -> Firefox (free), Brave (free
) More suitable browser for multiple devices is Mozilla Firefox, open source browser with built-in tracker blocker in private mode. Brave makes one more step, the tracker lock is turned on by default.

Blogger -> WordPress (free with paid options) Fr
ee Alternative-WordPress, providing the work of about 27% of sites in the world. It is also available as a standalone installation and as a hosted service without default third-party trackers. The Community is huge with extensive multilingual documentation and lots of themes to choose from.

Google Hangouts -> Zoom (free with paid options), appeared. In (free with paid options) Zoo
m is a reliable alternative to video chat, which we use inside the company, which works well even for a large number of participants, although requires Software Installation. There’s an alternative to websites where you don’t need an account-just go to the website to open a chat and you’re done.

Messages Google Duo and Android -> Signal (fr
ee) Signal offers free through encryption for both messages and personal calls. This is also recommended by Edward Snowden and renowned security expert Bruce Schneier, among others.

Google Groups -> Discourse (paid or free if installed by yourself) Discourse
is an open source discussion platform offering public and private conversations with a system of trust and Spam protection. Paid hosting is Offered, but the software is also freely available for administrators to host on their own servers.

As you can see, living without Google is not difficult at all. In fact, you may more like the alternatives and also you get the best privacy!

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