Install Android 8.1 on your computer

You need for entertainment or study to install on a computer Android 8.1. There is a wonderful project that porting this mobile operating system to a computer- Android-x86.

  • First you need to download the distribution and install on the flash drive. Download the necessary version by the link. Install on a USB flash drive using any image recording software (UNetbootin or similar). For this purpose I used the standard program “Create bootable Disk” Ubuntu.
  • Reboot, choose Boot from our flash drive and follow the instructions of the installer. I will not fully describe the installation process, if someone needs instructions in pictures – you can see here.

The Only thing to pay attention to-below:

If you have not created a section-go to the menu item “Create/Modify Partitions”, and use the keyboard to create the desired size section. I advise you to put at least 30 GB to have enough space for all the necessary applications.

Format the section EXT4 – this will allow you to use all the allocated space.

If you already have a Linux installed on your computer – click “No” when you are prompted to install GRUB. If the computer only Windows – boldly click Yes, the loader will determine the partition with the Windows and create a link to launch.

For /system directory install read-write

If you installed Android without bootloader – then read the article, how to add the download of Android 8.1 to the existing GRUB Loader 2

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