Android on laptops/computers

Is it possible in the future that such an operating system as Android will move from the market of Windows and Linux? I think it’s quite.

Recently I have installed Android 8.1 on my old laptop so 2007-2008 years with a weak processor and a small amount of RAM and I was very impressed with the performance of the Notebook. The fact that the notebook installed both Windows and Linux and under the control of these systems – this device is godless, and when working on Android brakes only after reboot, when you turn on any application.

For example, the inclusion of Google Chrome takes 7-10 seconds, but after that-everything works smartly, with instant response. Even with the opening of 20-30 tabs and a couple of additional applications-everything works just as fast, without hint to any kind of underdoing.

An Additional plus of Android-is that the application does not occupy as much space as on the computer. For example Google Docs-weigh about 70 megabytes (!!), it is not an office-package for 2-3 gigabytes, although the function performs the same.

The Only problem is the control of some applications using the mouse. Many applications, such as Gmail mail-in management a lot of tied to swipe left-right. Therefore, if you want to select the text, as usual holding with clamped LCM will not work-the application immediately picks up movement as swipe to the side. Therefore, to select the text will have to perform additional manipulations-to select one word by double-clicking the LCM, then there will be a selection control-with them you can select the desired area of text without problems.

On the other hand-browsers perfectly understand mouse control and such problems does not arise. Perhaps just some applications are not quite optimized for use with the keyboard/mouse, but in the future, I think the developers will fix these shortcomings.

Another problem that I encountered-Android does not want to switch the keyboard layout even with its built-in combination of keys (Ctrl + Space). In Solving this problem I was helped by one really good application-keyboard-more can be read on the page of useful programs for Android.

In general, this is a cool way to revive your old technique, or to acquire a new experience using Android. And Yes, I think that in the future, Windows and Linux will have a decent competitor. And If by that time the programs do not grow to indecent size and will not brake – it is possible that Android even leave them behind.

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