Life without Google. What to replace Google?

Google Trackers were found on 75% of sites with a million rating. This means that they not only track what you are looking for, they also track which sites you visit and use all of your data for advertising that monitors you all over the Internet.

Android on laptops/computers

Is it possible in the future that such an operating system as Android will move from the market of Windows and Linux? I think it’s quite.

Useful programs for your computer on Android 8.1

In the previous article I described how to install Android 8.1 on computer. Everything turns out just fine, but there is some inconvenience in managing the operating system from Google. In This article I will collect applications that will make it easier to work with Android on your computer.

Install Android 8.1 on your computer

You need for entertainment or study to install on a computer Android 8.1. There is a wonderful project that porting this mobile operating system to a computer- Android-x86.